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It39s tea time Elsword Lu all t

It39s tea time Elsword Lu all t


ciel, comic, elsword, lu, luciel, webtoon

ciel, comic, elsword, lu, luciel, webtoon

Elsword Voice Webtoon "Company" Lu&Ciel's Tea Time episode 1

LuCiel Voice Webtoon ”Company” Lu&Ciel's Tea Time Episode 2

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Elsword Voice Webtoon "Company" Lu&Ciel's Tea Time episode 3

ciel, comic, elsword, lu, luciel, webtoon


ciel, elsword, lu, lu&ciel's tea time, luciel, voice webtoon

But apparently after having a taste of a full demon power for the first time back when he was Dreadlord, Ciel grew addicted to it, ...


Finally, Luciel has a system called the Combination Gauge. This gauge fills every time you switch between Lu/Ciel and once it's full you can perform ...

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Elsword Voice Webtoon "Company" Lu&Ciel's Tea Time episode 2

Elsword Voice Webtoon "Company" Lu&Ciel's Tea Time episode 5 | Elsword Amino

Lovely Diabla Lu by UmioKimura :3 Admin: Demonic Loli Source: https:/

Elsword: Luciel

Elsword Aisha

ciel, comic, elsword, lu, luciel, webtoon

#elsword #elswordlu #elswordciel #elswordluciel #elswordonline #elswordgame #kawaii #cute

Chung, Elsword, Eve, Add, Elesis, Lu/Ciel, Aisha y Ara (Elsword)

Chiliarch/Dreadlord x GrandMaster #elsword #lu #ciel #chiliarch #dreadlord #

Elsword Time Trouble Volume 6 Chapter 2 Page 80~93 | Tunafishisgood's Weblog

Lu: it's so high up here! Ciel: *just smiles* ( #

Lu made by Hwansang

Finally done, I'll upload full pic on my Twitter #lu #elsword

He dedicate himself fully to serve and protect Lu and one day, Ciel have the idea to merge their powers together as one, ...

♧Book 1♧「Elsword」 Done With You


Elsword KR ~ [Project☆ElStar] Ara Cast! Translation by #2nafish :

ciel, comic, elsword, lu, luciel, webtoon

TorakoSakurai 6 0 Elsword: Chiliarch and Royal Guard (LuCiel) by LovedAngelxX

Hello~ Its almost a year since we return to elsword online! Its been so

Catastrophe fanart :) #elsword #luciel #elswordluciel #anime #fanart

A Lu I'm probably never gonna finish, it's just a simple fullbody but

Tea party.. or something like that . . . . . . #elsword

Elsword: Luciel

A Random Elsword Story

Elsword: Lu (Noblesse) x Reader by PectoralisMajor

You're my soul mate (Elsword various x reader one shots)

Take a look now, try the new job, and most importantly, kill everyone in the PVP battleground. They all deserve it. For some reason. Lu

Elsword Lu/Ciel Noblesse & Royal Guard

Elsword KR ~ [Project☆ElStar] Elesis Cast! Translation by #2nafish :

Elsword's first ever dual character arrives! Introducing Luciel, a dangerous duo from the underworld who are now about to hunt down demon invaders all ...

My Darling Lu ☆ Image shared by CuteDivinity on the #Elsword forums!

Elsword Time Trouble Volume 7 Chapter 4 Page 211~250

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A simple drawing of "Eve" wearing glasses, she is from a online game

Elsword KR ~ [Project☆ElStar] Chung Cast! Translation by #2nafish :

...roleplay... ____ ┊┊┊ ┊┊ * ┊❁

image image image image image image image ...

It's been a long time I don't post something in this account.. //kapan kau pulang nak.. (/ω\ ) @ini ga.guna #elsword #elswordaisha #elswordlu #art #doodle ...

LONG TIME I DIDN'T DRAW MY FIRST FAV CHARACTER OF ALL FANDOM : AISHA if you remember how much I drew her each day, it means that you know me for now ...

[Elsword KR] LuCiel Trailer & Voice Teser

I know i already put these on my story but...please bear with

Here was my countdown drawing for the Elsword Tarot Project!!!!! The KS has been launched!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT IT'S BEEN SO AMAZING ...

Anular, despite losing most of what makes himself Ciel, still shown his loyalty to Lu. Even more so, he's now pretty much just an extension of Lu's power, ...

"Para proteger, devo voltar aos dias em que eu era tão afiado quanto uma. "

#elsword #elswordonline #elswordfanart #elswordlu #elswordluciel #lucielarsourcream #digitalart

Ikan-Kirigaya 3 0 Elsword - Chiliarch Wallpaper by nathanjrrf

@Elsword Tea time and treats, What is your favorite treat? Art by 弥栗: https://t.co/MYzgc91gnK https://t.co/PQ47lj7BU7 ...

#ElswordAisha Instagram Photos & Videos

[Winners Announced] ElDoodle: Luciel [] - - Forums - Elsword Online Forums

[Elsword]-El Search Party Mishaps

Add's Dynamos have served him well since he first created them, but now it's time for him to step into their shoes. Dress up in Add's Royal Servant Ice ...

Doodle i colored 💕 💕 - #art #drawing #draw #digital #Oc

Lu you look to pretty (What happened to this account holy moly. Gomen!

Elsword KR ~ New Ice Burner! Mechanic General | 메카닉 제네럴 Available from April 25th

I still have nothing to post so have my all time favorite character from any game


But wait theres more.

Can't finish them all 💕 💕 - #

ciel, elsword, lu, lu&ciel's tea time, luciel, voice webtoon


[st0rmbreaK] PVE & Grand Archer 2-in-1 Guide - Unleashing Your Full Potential

Code: Sariel, activate God, I miss playing Elsword 😭 I think I should. "

Author has written 20 stories for Elsword.

#elsword #elswordonline #elswordlaby #elsworddaydreamer

Elsword- Rune Slayer Aisha- Elemental Master Rena- Wind Sneaker Raven- Veteran Commander Eve- Code: Empress Chung- Tactical Trooper Ara- Sakra Devanam


[Elsword] Lu and Krul [Owari no seraph] 😊👍✨😊👍

Elsword Oneshots

I was the second person in the guild to become 3rd job, dang the grind

[Elsword MMD] Tea Time - Lu and Ciel by CharmaMagican on DeviantArt

Elsword Game, Gaming Computer, Online Games, Anime Style, Fun Games, Anime

#elsword #elswordadd #elswordciel #elswordonline #elswordlaby #elswordlu #elswordluciel #elswordara #elswordfanart #elswordart #laby #ara #add # luciel #art ...

I love the game Elsword. It's funny to play with my best friend. And

pradaestrada 6 0 Demon Tea Time by SoUr-MaNtIs

Eeeh I've bought tons of marked lately. Now I literally have no money

@Elsword Add & Luciel Tournament Livestream Happening tomorrow, 4pm PST! You won't want to miss this! https://t.co/ZunQ0DfPkq https://t.co/KOAv3hD99x ...

Girls like Lu 💜 (Lmao I still don't like LuCiel they've

...roleplay... ____ ┊┊┊ ┊┊ * ┊❁

What u see here my fren Is a half assed artwork for a secret santa gift

Elsword EU - Shop Update & Easter Event! Item-Shop: Toast in the Mouth. Easter Event Starts 20/04/19 (Link in the Bio ) - Steph

🌠Metamorphy!✨ so much pink 💫 Her clothes are definitely from League's Star Guardian

A new set called Thanatos makes its way into the land of the living. Become a reaper of souls with this dark Ice Burner set available tomorrow!

Elsword New Character: Lu/Ciel |CHIBI| by KawaiiTimmyDesu .