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Upstairs Downstairs during the war Family front row Georgina

Upstairs Downstairs during the war Family front row Georgina


Upstairs Downstairs, during the war. Family (front row): Georgina (Sir Richard's ward), Sir Richard, Hazel and James Bellamy.

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Upstairs Downstairs

Upstairs, Downstairs

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Upstairs downstairs: Putting it about below stairs

Anthony Andrews as the Marquis of Stockbridge and Lesley Anne-Down as Lady Georgina Worsley as Bride and groom in "Upstairs, Downstairs".

Monday, December 3, 2012

James Bellamy tries to get transferred back to the front line. Georgina is working hard night and day at Guy's Hospital.

Upstairs Downstairs, Series 4

Upstairs, Downstairs - Masterpiece Classic - Georgina and James


Upstairs, Downstairs

Joan Benjamin as Lady Prudence Fairfax in 'Upstairs,Downstairs'

Women shall not Weep 4.4 (43) UK: 5th October 1974. US: 25th January 1976. Germany: 16th October 1976

Upstairs, Downstairs

Upstairs Downstairs spin-off.

Studio: 12th October 1973 (9/13)

Upstairs Downstairs The Original

Downton's success inevitably led to unfavourable comparisons with Upstairs Downstairs Mark II - the BBC revival

She played in the UpDown episode Tug of War as Lady Viola Courtney, a nurse training alongside Georgina.

Upstairs, Downstairs. Ruby the scullery maid. Big Houses, Little Houses, Tv

Upstairs Downstairs, The Complete Series 1-5

The Fledgling

Enlarge Upstairs, Downstairs reunion

The film concerns the real-life story of a group of shipwreck survivors in a ...

Upstairs Downstairs - The Complete Fourth Series [DVD]

Lesley-Anne Down knows all there is to know about period drama

Upstairs Downstairs - The Complete Series 1-5 [VHS]: Gordon Jackson, Pauline Collins, Jean Marsh, et al: Amazon.co.uk: Video

Upstairs Downstairs - Series 1 - the Black and White Episodes [DVD] [1971

The Beastly Hun

Upstairs Downstairs: Series 5 - Episodes 1-8 [DVD] [1971]

Georgina and Robert, Marquis of Stockbridge

A young Christopher Beeny played Lennie Grove, the trouble-attracting youngster of the family, and is pictured in the back row.

upstairs downstairs cast

She played in the UpDown episode Tug of War as Lady Viola Courtney, a nurse training alongside Georgina.

Upstairs Downstairs, Series 3

Upstairs Downstairs

Enlarge Upstairs, Downstairs reunion. Collins Alderton split

Robert Stockbridge - Image: Georgina & Lord Stockbridge

On with the Dance

Upstairs, Downstairs: the Complete Fifth Season

Brexit: The Uncivil War

After Upstairs Downstairs

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Hollywood star: Lesley-Anne Down has come a long way from being paid a

“What are the best books about The Royal Family & Monarchy?” We looked at 273 of the top books, aggregating and ranking them so we could answer that very ...

Upstairs Downstairs, Series 1

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A Place in the World

Following in her footsteps: Claire Foy will play a very similar role to Lesley-

Upstairs, Downstairs Remembered: 25th Anniversary Special

Upstairs Downstairs, Series 5

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Upstairs Downstairs - The Fourth Season Collectors Set (VHS, 2000, 7-Tape Set) for sale online | eBay

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Upstairs Downstairs S03 E03 A Change Of Scene ❤❤

Upstairs Downstairs, Series 2

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Studio: 20th September 1974 (13/13)

Lesley-Anne Down

Upstairs Downstairs S03 E06 Sirous Of Change

Studio: 26th July 1974 (9/13)

First World War recruitment poster for Voluntary Aid Detachments

Georgina Cookson

Upstairs Downstairs - Series 1 - Complete (DVD, 2011, 17-Disc Set) for sale online | eBay

Alfred Shaughnessy - Image: Alfred Shaughnessy


Jean Marsh--1979 TV Interview, Upstairs/Downstairs

Studio: 20th June 1973 (1/13)

The BBC's War and Peace: 'Near the end I did worry, Oh God, have I ruined it?'

Elizabeth Bellamy - Image: Elizabeth and her husband Lawrence Kirbridge ( Upstairs, Downstairs 1971

Meadowlands: A World War I Family Saga

Belfast Telegraph Family Life Magazine December 2016 by Belfast Telegraph - issuu

Albert and Mable Dean, with their sons (Arthur Dean is younger boy on the

Edward and Daisy became butler and maid to Georgina and her new husband, the marquis of Stockbridge, and Rose was the last to leave, wandering through the ...

Russell Harty Goes Upstairs Downstairs 1975

Sophie Ray photo's from The Classic Mekong river cruise in July 2018